Monday, May 9, 2011

Silver Corner

The above photos are from the Rosenthal "Ego" Campaign, beautiful shots are they not? Rosenthal Studio-Line is one of many brands sold exclusively at Silver Corner. Here is a little background on Silver Corner:

"Found in 1992, we at Silver Corner Company endeavor to satisfy our clientele by offering them a wide range of home decor collectables from world famous brands.

Looking to embellish your home? Make a real difference to you dining experience? Wanting to invest in a timeless cutlery set? Preparing for a tea-party, reception or a special occasion?  Giveaways.. Corporate or Personal Gifts..
Big or small, modern or classic, one piece or a full set.. From dinnerware, stemware, flatware and silverware, to picture frames, vases, ashtrays, decorative plates, candle holders, candelabras and all the way to chandeliers."

Silver Corner are the exclusive suppliers of the following brands:

Rosenthal Versace
  Rosenthal studio-line   
        Rosenthal classic        
Saint Louis
Cristallerie De Montbronn
L'Objet IOM Ltd
Robbe & Berking
Arthur Court

For me personally, Silver Corner is the go-to destination for house warming gifts. Their selection of pieces is truly exquisite.

Below are more photos from the Rosenthal Studio-Line

and this last photo, which captures the making of the Rosenthal "Ego" photo shoot
by none other than the Great Mr. Lagerfeld, who was the brains behind the "EGO" campaign!

Visit Silver Corner in Salmiya. Al-Hamra Building,
 Hamad Al-Mubarak St.
Or contact them at: +965 25736209

Check out their Facebook page for more information, and to view photos from other brands, by clicking here.

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