Monday, May 9, 2011

I Am a Barca Fan

So, here's a little confession: I'm not really a soccer football fan. During World Cup I had to consult with one of my die-hard-football fan friends on which team to root for, she told me Spain. I did, no questions asked. I'm glad I did, they won, end of story.

Now the other day while walking around Q8 Expo (please note I don't normally go to such exhibitions/events, this was my first time as I had to support a friend who was participating, but i must admit, was interesting to witness first hand! more on that later) anyways back to my story. I passed by this stand that caught my eye, it was selling t-shirts of different teams with caricatures of the more famous players on the front. Don't know why but I found them cutesy (which I'm sure was not the intention of the makers) and I just had to have them! I got my brother the Juventus t-shirt, but for the life of me couldn't decide on what to get myself! What team did I want, shall I go Italian, or Spanish? Which team was deemed the coolest? Who had the hottest and best players? At the risk of sounding like a girly girl (I know it's prob too late for that) I remembered Messi and asked what team he plays for. And just like that the matter was settled, Barca it was.
The t-shirts are by JZ Design

and they come in these cool looking tin buckets

Thank goodness my brother loved the t-shirt and he didn't find it cute but more on the comical side! I'm loving mine too, the quality is so good I'm thinking of getting another one..hmmmm but which team to pick next?
Click here for more information on JZ Design.

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