Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I've been MIA

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn't able to blog or let alone browse the internet on a daily basis (internet connection at work is lousy, and I can't blog from the stupid ipad). What's that you don't want to hear it? Well I'm going to bore you with the deets anyways..

It all began last September when my new macbook arrived with a defect - dead battery. It would only work when plugged into the charger. I went to Mac City naively thinking they would replace the battery free of charge since the macbook is registered and under international warranty. They refused to acknowledge the warranty (maybe Kuwait doesn't lie within this planet's international domain?). Anyways I was too lazy to order a new battery online so I kept using it by plugging into worked for a while until recently when it started having random shutdowns. 
It was time to take action. This time I went to Digits who were a little more helpful. When I asked how much it would cost to replace the battery they told me Kd.57, and when I inquired as to the point of having international warranty if I'm going to be charged for battery replacement, they clicked and clicked and finally verified and approved the warranty and told me I would only have to pay for shipping charges. Fair 'nuff. 
Finally after one and a half months, I get a call from them telling me my macbook is ready for pickup! And so my Macbook and I are reunited and back to blogging I go.

True Story.

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