Sunday, April 17, 2011

Are You a Nutella-holic?

So my Nutella craving kickstarted again this weekend, sadly, the only way I know how to eat Nutella is to spread it on toast or pita bread, a basic tired-out recipe. 
I need something new that tickles my taste buds, and these totes drool worthy recipes seem to fit the bill.

I hope someone makes this and sends me some (S. am talking to u)

it looks so delicate and beautiful

just how I like my croissants..with super extra filling

Ladurée, are you reading this?

hmmm, S. maybe you can give this a try too ;)

a good snack to munch on

these look like the perfect after-futoor fix in Ramadan!


  1. thumbs up for the Nutella Meringues! looks amazing!
    the problem is that whenever im having a craving for Nutella, i dont have time to be so creative such as making one of these recipes! so its always nice to know that im not the only one whos still using the old-school-spread-it-on-toast way :P

  2. 3ban9y: time isn't the only problem, try zero baking skills :P Bakeries need to recognize this niche market so we can have our nutella fix!

  3. honestly i am about to cry! i will definitely bake the banana one, and i am tempted to try doing the meringues.. the recipe seems easy enough ;p

    ooh and i am flattered to be mentioned on your blog ;*

  4. Sarah: give them a try on your "cheat" day :P


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